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At Opt-in Flow we create Youtube ads, Influencer marketing campaigns and Viral Sharing strategies that get our clients results. Whether You're promoting a video, brand, product or want leads.
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Youtube Community Post Promotion
What's Youtube Community Post Promo?
Youtube community post are posted from Youtube influencers channels. Youtube allows channels to post images, gifs and sponsored video links to share with their audiences. This will get your Youtube video thousands of views.

Youtube community post has become a popular way to promote your Youtube video from other channels and gain

How does it work?
It's simple, we built up a network of meme channels that Reach over 3 million viewers on a single post and gains 75k-200k likes on the post. So you're probably wondering how does this benefit you right?

Lets break it down in steps:

1. We take the title and youtube video link, then post it on a meme channels that get thousands of likes on their post.

2. You'll start receiving views instantly after Meme Channels post your video link on their Community post page.

3. Your video will keep getting posted on meme pages until it reach your campaign goal. You'll receive many subscribers, comments and likes depending how good your video is.

Minimum budget $1,200
Expect up to 50,000 views and engagement from community post meme pages.
Campaign timeline 5 -14 days
Youtube Ads Management Service
We'll create you a highly targeted Youtube ad campaign and reach targeted visitors to view and engage with your video and Youtube channel.

How much does Youtube ads cost?
Youtube video ads can cost $0.02 cent - 0.20 cent per view. This is determined how broad or narrow(specific) your audience is. Now let's say your budget is $10,000. You could expect up to 1,000,000 views.

Average views expected cost is dependent on the type of video.

Brand awareness videos: 0.02 - 0.04 per view
Music videos: 0.02 - 0.10 per view
Lead generation videos: 0.10 - 0.20 per view
Event promotion videos: 0.02 - 0.10 per view
Business video commercials 0.05 - 0.15 per view
Movie commercials videos 0.05 - 0.15 per view

How it works
1. The first step is to send us all the videos you want to run ads for and we'll submit them to google ads for a review approval. (usually takes 3-48hrs) for approval.

2. Once the video is approved, we sit with you and chat about your ideal audience to put your video in front of. You can select specific countries, states, ages, interest topics and more.

3. We'll start running your Youtube video ad campaign and optimizing the video for best results for the entire duration of the campaign.

Minimum budget $2,400
Expect up to 100,000 targeted views
Campaign timeline 14-28 days
Youtube Influencer Marketing Service
We'll get popular Youtubers to promote your video, brand or product on their Youtube channels.

What is influencer marketing and why is it important?
Youtube Influencer marketing is when someone who has a large audience promote your brand, product or youtube video to their audience. It's extremely powerful because it will expose whatever you're promoting to millions of engaged viewers and get them to take a specific action, which could be to buy a product, watching a video, subscribing to channel or signing up to a website.

Why you should use influencer marketing to promote your brand, product or video.
1. Youtube influencers have thousands of fans who love and trust them already. When influencers recommend something to their audience, their fans actually check it out and become your loyal fans, customers, etc.

2. You have the opportunity to get your product, brand or video mentioned to millions of people. So if you have something unique to offer, you could gain many fans, subs, leads or buyers.

3. You could get thousands of visitors for many years from a Youtube influencer because the video stays up on their channel forever. Imagine getting new fans or sales to a product you had a youtube influencer promote over a year ago. Utilizing Youtube influencers is the fastest way to gain loyal fans or sales for a product because they trust the influencer that recommended them to you.

How it works?
1. Book a call. We'll audit your brand, product or video and select the best Youtube influencers that will help you reach your desired goals.

2. Set a budget. We recommend you have a minimum budget of $10k. This way we can build a strong campaign and get multiple influencers to promote your brand, product or video.

3. Before the Youtube influencers start campaign, we give them tracking links so we can see which creators bring you more visitors. additionally, we'll set up conversion tracking so you can see which channels bring you most leads or sales for your business.

Minimum budget $10,000
Your product or video will be promoted in front of 1,000,000 viewers and recommended by Youtube influencers.
Campaign timeline 3 -14 days