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social-media-marketingSocial media for marketing is all about having communication and interaction between company and clients.

Social media platforms are the main form of communication between people today. We all make a presence in social media. We live interconnected through the Internet.

Your current and future clients are in social media, which is why if you want to increase visibility, position your business and interact directly with your customers, your business must be present in social media. It gives you the opportunity to connect emotionally, to establish conversations with them, to humanize your business with your potential customers.

And it is not just interacting to sell, but to offer experiences and establish lasting relationships with your customers, partners and stakeholders.

“Social media is not about platforms, it is about experiences”. – Michael DiLorenzo, Vice-President Rue La La.

But it is not about being to be, but about having a defined strategy with clear and measurable goals. It is about understanding your consumers and how you should relate to them.

We help you succeed in managing your social media, generating quality content that contributes value, strengthen relationships and shorten distances between your business and your customers.

Why Using Social Networking sites for Your Business

Today, social networking sites have become the essential place on the web. Indeed, businesses are constantly using these high-potential tools because they offer them a real proximity with their customers.

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This article will allow you to better understand the benefits for using social media for marketing your businesses.

Helps in improving corporate image through social media networks

Social media networks in part allow companies to improve their brand awareness on the web. This also helps to strengthen their brand image. Moreover, by federating a community through social media businesses can greatly increase their visibility.

The potential of social media for marketing any business is unique, as each member of the community is able to recommend a product and / or brand. The company concerned can thus develop its audience in a consistent manner. To arrive at this term, businesses will have to regularly publish interesting and viral content by adopting the appropriate tone.

Businesses should keep in mind that social media networks do not have to reflect their online store or their website but must have different content. Indeed, the goal of social networks is to offer a real proximity with the consumers by creating a confidence and a dialogue. For this, the content must be friendlier and more social.

Social networks hide many other advantages for companies: prospecting, acquisition, referencing

Social media offer the opportunity to find targeted customers or prospects. Indeed, a survey conducted by Wishpond shows that three-quarters of companies have found a new customer using social networks. 77% of marketers claim to have found a new customer on Facebook and 77% of marketers on Linkedin.


To do this the brand must regularly share quality content that is both original and attractive. Indeed, the power of social media lies in their virality. The sharing, comments and appreciations are highlighted there which encourages the Internet user to distribute the publications he wishes. When the publications reach the target of the brand, the Internet user will go to the official website of his own accord for more information or to buy the product that interests him.

Being able to share content with thousands of subscribers at a time is not the only benefit companies have to use social media. Throughout the world, small businesses have gradually discovered the positive impact of social media on all areas of business.

In addition, the businesses can also incorporate links to its blog articles and / or to its site in its publications. This action allows on the one hand increasing the traffic on the site, on the other hand it participates in its natural referencing. Besides, small “+1” type actions on Google Plus and “Like” on Facebook for example also helps. Indeed, Google takes into account all the content present on the pages of the social media to define the positioning following a search on its search engine.

You sure understand that how social media for marketing your businesses can have many advantages for companies so do not wait to get started!

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