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Social media development websites are not only meant for fun but they have become a serious marketing tool.

There are many advantages, which make it a potent marketing tool. As like every year, Social media development has many new things in store for the users as well as developers. Some of these trends will become sensations while others will help in increasing the popularity of these platforms.

Most of the businesses are focusing on creating applications for social networking websites. There are many offshore development companies where people can easily outsource their custom Social media development projects. This has created a more innovative and creative market for different networking platforms. In this article, we shall discuss some social media tips, which will help developers developing apps to meet the trends in 2011.

Popular Social Media Trends 2011

Social Commerce – This year social commerce will grow by many folds. The marketers finally see social media as a great platform not only to promote the products but also to market them. In 2010, there were a couple of bold startups that wanted consumers to share their every purchase with their friends but that didn’t work out. This year however, promises to be a lot different and for developers this is one territory to look for.

Going Mobile As like the last two years more people are expected to go mobile with social media. One of the great advantages being the focus of developers on hand held devices. With more people expected to switch to PDAs and browse Internet on cell phones, this trend is expected to heat up. This is one of the social media tips, which all should keep in mind this year.

Integrating Platforms- With so many platforms around, this year’s focus might be on integrating these platforms. Some of the biggest platforms are thinking about sharing their feed between themselves, which will help them grow.

integrating plateform

So for social media developers cross platform integration is a thing to focus while developing applications. This will go a long way in creating buzz for your products and services.

Location Marketing- Niche and local marketing are some of the hottest trends in the social networking sites for this year. Applications such as Foursquare, Facebook Places and Gowalla are expected to be popular with enhanced security features. These sites will help users share likes and interests in a local setup, which will help in promoting these businesses.

Product/Service Development Challenges


Globalization has created opportunities as well as challenges for global companies. Although globalization has enabled organizations to expand their business in various markets to generate additional revenue, companies often lack the intelligence about the new market.

Companies need to keep track of competition offerings and customer needs before investing in new offerings. For success of new offerings in an alien market, it’s very important to understand the culture, customer needs and shortfalls in already present products. Also due to globalization, companies are forced to introduce new product/services in quick succession because if they don’t, competition will eat their market share.

Customers’ unmet needs

Customers’ unmet needs are key inputs in the first step of new product development process, i.e. idea generation. Since success of the product in a target market depends upon how new product meets the customer expectations, assessing customer needs in a realistic manner becomes critical.

Business woman writing blank Customer list. Blue background.

Understanding how features of new offerings would be desirable, how customer is going to use it and how it would provide better customer experience helps companies to develop new offerings to meet market needs thereby insuring success in the market.

Entry Timing

Before starting the Social media development, companies should assess what is the right time to introduce the product/services in a specific target market. For success and adoption of products in a designated target market, companies need to understand competitions’ new product development programs that are developing products/ services to meet the same market need. This helps companies to better understand the entry barriers thereby reducing the risk of product failure.

Market Potential

Traditionally, companies do market research to understand the market potential of certain products/ services in the target market. Many times companies outsource this activity to expert market research companies.

Output of such survey is based on audience sample selected from the pool of customer data.

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