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Digital Marketing and Social Media have quickly become an essential part for companies of all types, because they provide us with a lot of advantages that we had not imagined before, so now all brands want to make a presence in the online universe, and People who previously worked in other areas of communication are interested in taking a digital leap, as they have realized the great importance of correctly managing Social Networks both personally and professionally.

The problem comes when we find a lot of information on what we need to do to become Social Networking professionals, there is so much information that it can even be overwhelming, so I have prepared a beginner’s guide to learn social media marketing that will be very useful if you are interested in learning to properly manage your social media profiles and even those of some brand / company.

Why you should learn Social Media Marketing

1. Creating accounts on different social media is NOT the first step.

Many people believe that the first thing to do is open accounts on all social networks, which turn out to be a fairly common mistake. If you have not done a brand analysis, how will you know that social networks will be useful?

2. Do a brand analysis

This is the true first step to properly manage Social Networks, knowing the brand well is essential, because it allows us to analyze what we are going to do with true objectivity.

In this analysis you must be clear what the products or services are offered, which is the target public, the brand reputation, you must know the market and of course the competition.

3. Plan your keywords

keywordsBy using keywords in social networks we can attract people who are really interested in this subject, this is a step so that not only have followers, but you can form a community. The Google Keyword planner can be very useful in this step.

4. Choose the right Social Networks

As you have already done the analysis of the brand and the competition, you can establish in a simpler way, which are the Social Media profiles that can bring value to the brand. At this point it is important that you keep in mind that each social media account requires special handling and that not all of you can say the same thing.

I recommend that you have 2 or 3 profiles in Social media profiles that are well managed and not have 6 or 7 and that you barely reach the time to update them. As the brand takes strength online and your skills also improve, you can increase the number of profiles.

5. Establish objectives

Simply, if you do not have established goals you will not know which way you should take and the actions you take may not be related to what you need.

I believe that a goal for social media networks cannot work on the motto on “sell more”. Your goal can improve the brand image, then if you achieve goal, surely sales will increase.

6. Create identity

Colors, typography, graphic style and language are part of your identity, establish how you want to transmit messages through social networks and look for a differentiating factor so that people can quickly begin to identify what you do.

7. Plan


It is okay to be spontaneous and even post with viral or topical issues that clearly may not be part of the planning, but it is best to establish a calendar of publications that is created based on the goals you set. At this point I also recommend that you know the best times to publish in each social media profile.

8. Analyze

You will not be served by all the previous points if you do not know if you are doing it well or not, if the answer of your target audience is the one you expected or not. So you must measure and analyze the results of what you are doing.

For this step there are many tools of measurement and analysis of social media that can help you.

If after analyzing you see that something is not going as you want, simply steps back and changes what does not result, that is one of the great advantages of social media marketing, because you can change things as soon as you realize.

I hope this guide is very useful to learn Social Media marketing correctly and helps in getting very good results for your brand through them.

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